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Indie Bites Sponsor

So you've come here to sponsor Indie Bites? Legend. But, you probably want to know how much and what you'll get from it?
💸 1 ad slot is $295
⌛ The slot is about 30 seconds long
🌎 Early-mid stage indie hackers and entrepreneurs who are looking for tools to grow their business. Mostly developers, but also marketers and product managers.

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ℹ️ I currently have a long-term agreement with a sponsor, so I'm only booking for April 2024.
Thank you for agreeing to sponsor Indie Bites, it means a lot that you'd support my indie show. To nail your ad (and for you to pay 💸) please indulge me with the form below and I'll send everything to you.




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I'll use the copy you put into this box to help guide the ad. I won't necessarily use everything word-for-word, but I'll make sure I include all the key points. This does not need to be a masterpiece.

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That's all I need from you! Now it's time to pay 💰
Hitting that button below will take you to a Stripe Checkout page where you can choose how many ad slots you'd like to buy.
The company you'll be paying is "Striqo" which is my freelance entity, so don't be alarmed by that.